Traffic Solutions
From Start to Finish
Slowing Traffic, Saving Lives
With Traffic Calming Master Plans
Considering State, Local and Human Factors
To Ensure Stress-Free and Safe Traffic Flow

Traffic Engineering Services For Private And Public Sector Clients

Our engineers have pioneered traffic calming throughout Florida as well as developed innovative solutions to pedestrian and vehicular mobility.

Access Management
Intersection Analysis
Micro-Traffic Simulation
Traffic Signal Design
Road Safety Audits
Arterial Analysis
Trail Networks and Multi-use Paths
Transit Stop Location and Design
Site Plan Development Review
Signal Warrant Analysis
Traffic Impact Studies
Level of Service/Capacity Analysis

Innovative Traffic Engineering Solutions

To Meet A Variety of Traffic Needs

Improving Highway Safety

Building New Roadways

Managing Operational Capacity

Traffic Maintenace

Evaluating Impact of Proposed Developments

Effective Signalization & Lighting Strategies

Developing Detailed Traffic Forecasts

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Multi-Discipline Approach to Traffic Engineering

We offer unique combination of services ranging from Conceptual Engineering to Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) to Construction Support. Our Team has pioneered traffic calming throughout Florida as well as developed innovative solutions to pedestrian and vehicular mobility. MARLIN provides exceptional services through the development of traffic operations and safety studies.

From team evaluations and traffic impact studies, MARLIN is able to provide mutually beneficial solutions to our clients and the public. Our vision is clean: to provide the safest surface transportation systems for the community, while providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Complete Streets
Design-Build Projects
Traffic Circles

Traffic Calming Approach

01 / Data Analysis

02 / Identify Areas of Concern

03 / Develop Appropriate Traffic Calming Measures

04 / Prioritize Measures

05 / Build a Masterplan

06 / Hold a Public Meeting to Obtain Consensus

07 / Obtain Commission Approval

We Work at Every Stage of the Project

Integration of planning, design, through implementation let our clients make cost-effective decisions and develop biddable projects.

Early Planning Stages of the Project
Early Planning Stages of the Project
Clearly Define the Challenges and Set Objectives
a. Regularly scheduled meetings with City’s PM
b. Open discussions with City staff to identify issues
c. Develop a clear plan of resolution
Develop Feasible Solutions
Develop Feasible Solutions
Determining Solutions
a. Analyze the various parameters specific to each project
b. Calculate the impact of different improvement alternatives
c. Determine the most effective alternative solutions, minimizing cost
Final Implementation in the Field
Final Implementation in the Field
Gain Project Acceptance and Build Public Consensus
a. Complete task in an efficient and timely manner
b. Ensure alternatives are consistent with public expectations
c. Accomplish your goals identified in the CIP and Comp Plan
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