Greenways Biscayne Trail Segment C & D

Greenways Biscayne Trail is a 6.2 mile long multi-use trail study that includes a Project Development & Environmental (PD&E) study, trail design, and construction management services. The Biscayne Trail provides recreational access to Biscayne National Park and several of South Florida’s coastal habitats. For the purposes of this study, the trail was divided into four segments: A, B, C and D. Segment C is approximately 6 miles in length by itself. However, the total length of Segment C is 6.5 miles with one additional spur approximately 0.5 miles in length located on the south side of the Mowry (C-103) Canal (theoretical SW 320th Street) to Biscayne Bay. Segment D is approximately 4 miles in length.

MARLIN prepared a study documenting the requirements for preliminary design, including existing conditions, typical sections, right-of-way requirements, environmental impacts, development of three build alternatives and costs of improvements on the Biscayne Trail Segments C & D. This study was performed in accordance with FDOT’s Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Manual.


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