The State of Florida has strategically invested in seaport, highway and intermodal improvements over the last decade. MARLIN’s Statewide Vehicle Bluetooth Data Collection Study (also known as Statewide Seaport Origin/Destination Study), prepared for FDOT, tested the potential implementation of a statewide freight measurement tool to monitor highway performance and assess the impacts of transportation investments.

MARLIN deployed a state-of-the-art system of Bluetooth monitoring devices at strategically located points across the state and seaport access points to observe increases and shifts in freight flows. The results of this effort provide information related to vehicle trips and lengths, origins/destinations, and speeds and travel times that are valuable for reliable freight and transportation modeling.


Florida Department of Transportation


Data Collection, Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering

Project Infographic

This pilot project successfully collected and identified freight and cruise movements throughout the state. The resulting robust data set of more than 25 million records reflects the movements of almost four million unique vehicles detected at multiple locations over the 35 day period.

Statewide Vehicle Bluetooth Data Collection Study
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