Optimizing Expediency and Safety of Freight Travel
Facilitating Efficient Multimodal Transit Options
Maintaining and Improving Port Infrastructure

Freight, Logistics & Passenger Operations Solutions

We’ve  been supporting freight projects from feasibility studies to post-design services for more than two decades.

Bluetooth Freight O/D Studies
Freight Rail Feasibility Studies
Long Range Transportation Planning
Project, Development and Environment Studies
Rail Yard Master Planning
Truck Parking Grant
Railroad Operations Video Surveillance
Return On Investment Analysis
Seaport Master Planning
SIS Planning and Programming
TIGER Grant and FAST Act Grant Writing
Truck-Only Highway Design

Enhance Quality of Life, Economic Expansion and Development of the Community

By Integrating Freight Into All Areas of Transportation Planning

Data Analysis



Integrated Multimodal Infrastructure

MARLIN’s planners and engineers seamlessly integrate statewide network of high-speed, railroads, seaports, high-capacity highways, airports and transit facilities planning into local land use planning efforts and MPO plans.

Address Land Use and Freight Conflicts

We work with local municipalities to prevent potential land use conflicts, take into account the impact of local decisions on region-wide and national freight, while ensuring local policies and plans meet community goals.

Demand Based Transportation Planning

The MARLIN team collects data to identify transportation patterns and develop freight profile. Further, we utilize this profile to help our clients make informed decisions about future scenario planning.

Moving People and Freight Efficiently

Finally, we coordinate local policies and strategic investments in integrated multimodal infrastructure, and leverage local and private funds for improvements to move people and freight efficiently.

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